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Scale : G Pygmy

Number of notes : 9

Notes : G2 C3 D3 D#3 G3 A#3 C4 D4 F4

Dimensions : 

  • D - 20’'
  • H - 7''

Weight : 5.9kg

Material : Steel

Rim : Brass

Handmade in Serbia

What's in the box: 1 RAV Vast along with the accessories you choose

Warranty : 2 years

Delivery time : Up to 45 days as each instrument will be specially handcrafted for you. 

RAV Vast - G Pygmy

  • G Pygmy RAV Vast will enchant you with its deep and mystical sound. Severe primaeval nature inspired us to create this scale. It conjures up the pictures of stalactite caves, lava fields, cold springs, deep creeks and old-growth forests in your mind. The sound of the G Pygmy scale will take you to the places where the spirits of nature live.

    There is another RAV Vast Pygmy scale drum – E Low Pygmy RAV Vast. These tongue drums and the F Pygmy RAV Pan create a perfect trio in a truly beloved handpan/hang drum tuning.

    Being one of the most popular RAV Vast scales, the G Pygmy has a lot to offer for both beginners and advanced players. If you choose the G Pygmy to be your first tongue drum, you'll never have a chance to fail in playing. Like the B Celtic Minor, it’s a wonderful scale to start your RAV journey and quickly adapt to right away. You can experiment with melodies based on moving a single note and then try to fill them in with some percussive elements, slowly moving forward to adding chord progressions – dyads and triads. And at the same time, the G Pygmy is perfect for advanced creations and making more complicated compositions throughout your growing abilities.

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