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Material : Fabric

Colour : Yellow/Purple/Snow-white/Blue/Dark blue

Size : Ideal only for RAV Vast

What's in the box : 1 rope braid & a pouch

Handmade in Russia


Please note : This product can only be ordered with your RAV Vast and will be delivered together with it. 

RAV Vast - Rope Braid

  • Give your RAV Vast a unique look and protection with a beautiful macramé rope braid! The RAV Rope Braid was specifically designed for the RAV Vast drums to protect the brass rim. Also, the braid makes it easy to hold the drum when you're carrying it around. No inconveniences while playing! The rope braid is not rough on your hands at all. It also provides a more pleasant touch of your drum without the feel of cold of the rim under your hands.

    Please note : These prices are applicable only when purchase with RAV Vast. If you would like to place an order for just this product, contact us here.

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