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About: For many years now our passion is developing new ceramic flute models, always eager for new sounds and forgotten knowledge from the past…

We use only natural clay, water, and fire to build our instruments. And air, of course, to play them…

We have decided to use only pure clay to build our instruments. This is why we develop new ways to decorate our work only with Terra Sigillata.

We use two different techniques on our instruments: a soap bubble technique with up to 6 different Terra Sigillata, a specially developed smoke fire technique to give our instruments a beautiful ancient look and a combination of both techniques.

Native American
BlueStarSpirit_India - Svun Sounds.png

About: It is Blue's passion to birth these Children in love. Each child has its own personality, temperament and style. Take some time to explore the gathering of children below. Imagine holding each flute, moving your breath peacefully through to create a playful state of being. Take joy as you follow the call to welcome a child into your heart and home.

The unique handmade instrument - Native American Flutes are also a beginner friendly instrument, as just a simple blow in the chamber will create beautiful sounds. Blue himself has handcrafted each flute, right from going into the woods to find the wood, to what you see below.

*Please find photos and a video of every instrument below

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