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Material : Oxford fabric, polyester and rexine

Colour : Black/Purple/Yellow

Size : Ideal only for RAV Vast


Please note : This product can only be ordered with your RAV Vast and will be delivered together with it. 

RAV Vast - Soft Bag

  • Practical and durable, this case will protect your RAV from rainy weather and will be your best buddy when it comes to playing outside.
    Transporting and storing your RAV Vast is easy with the RAV Case. The carrying case specifically created for the RAV Vast drum to keep your drum safe and sound while going out.

    This case has backstraps and a handle on the top to carry it easily. It also has thin padding that protects your RAV Vast from some occasional banging when you are traveling, storing it in your car, or using public transport.

    The soft cushion inside the RAV Case makes it comfortable to carry as a backpack as you don't feel the pressure of the RAV Vast drum against you. The bracing system is safe and secure.

    Are you afraid of getting your RAV Vast wet? Adjust the outer side of the RAV Vast case. The magnetic outer side is waterproof and will provide perfect protection for your RAV. It allows you to not have it in direct contact between the drum with the material.

    Please note : These prices are applicable only when purchase with RAV Vast. If you would like to place an order for just this product, contact us here.

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