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Zaphir Chimes
Zaphir Chimes_India

About: The Zaphir Chimes were born in 1992 under the name of Shanti, and located middle of the South French Mountain Range, the Pyrénées. Each chime is totally handmade in the workshops, by a team of highly qualified artisans. Each chime is unique for it is the fruit of the work of nimble hands and accurate pitch, that create one by one this magical musical instrument designed with marbled glowing-colours.

Being a tuned wind chime, it can be used as a musical instrument as well as an artefact to hang on your window, never exactly knowing when the melodic sounds will surprise you. 

*Please find photos and a video of every instrument below


Model : Zaphir Chime X - Y
X = Tuning as per seasons (Crystalide [spring], Sunray [summer], Twilight [autumn], Bluemoon [winter], Sufi [intermediary]         Y = colour of the chime
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