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Material : Oxford fabric, polyester and rexine

Colour : Black

Size : Ideal only for RAV Vast

  • Diameter - 22.83”
  • Depth - 10.24”
  • Strap length - 17.32”


Please note : This product can only be ordered with your RAV Vast and will be delivered together with it. 

RAV Vast - Hard case

  • Are you travelling a lot or just tend to take your RAV Vast everywhere you go? This case was designed specially for the RAV Vast tongue drums. 5mm-secure hard shell will protect your RAV from damages. Made of closely woven Oxford fabric, this hard case is water resistant. The case is locked with zipper.

    The RAV Hard Case case is designed as a comfortable backpack with broad straps so you can easily take it anywhere you go. The bag has an ergonomic shape, you will feel comfortable wearing it for long without even noticing the weight of the RAV Vast. If you prefer to carry it in hand, you can put the straps into special pocket.

    It makes the Hard Case a must-have item for travelling. You can check in your RAV Vast in the Hard RAV Case at airport as a part of your luggage without any fear that it can be damaged.

    Travel safe and easily with RAV Vast and enjoy the incredible sound of the RAV Vast!

    Please note : These prices are applicable only when purchase with RAV Vast. If you would like to place an order for just this product, contact us here.

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