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The meaning of Svun (स्वन)

In the language of Sanskrit, Svun (स्वन) is defined as the sounds derived from nature, such as the roar of the wind, the crackling in fire, sound of thunder, flowing of water, rustling of leaves or any such sound created naturally.

Svun Sounds, is founded by Rishiraj Kulkarni, a multi-percussionist graduated in Music from K.M.Music Conservatory (founded by Dr. A.R. Rahman, Chennai, India) and Middlesex University (London, U.K). Further on he also received guidance in his musical career from Ustad Zakir Hussain and continues his musical journey in the world of tabla as the disciple of Pandit Yogesh Samsi. Having travelled across nearly the entire of Europe, Rishiraj performed and collaborated with various art forms and artists, learning more and more about music and musical instruments. 


In 2021, Svun Sounds was born in Pune (Maharashtra, India) with a passion of introducing and selling unique musical instruments in India from across the globe by collaborating directly with independent makers who handcraft their instruments.


With our partners spread out across the globe, Svun Sounds now makes it easy for you to purchase these unique musical instruments. As we build our network of customers, we intend to form a community with these musicians across India, and create opportunities to collaborate, perform and share knowledge. Simultaneously, growing the circle of people being introduced to these unique instruments. 

You can find Rishiraj here

Registered address: 

105, Building E, Shri Sairaj

1st Floor, Near Potnis Parisar, Karve Nagar

Pune 411052



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