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Bajinn_India - Svun Sounds.png

About: Bajinn was envisioned in 2016 by Ortal Pelleg, a musician who is one of the few craftsmen of Hand Pan in the world. The production process consists of 3 parts: hand crafting the bamboo bowls, attaching the aluminium frame and finally assembling all other parts together.  Bajinn was launched in an Indiegogo campaign on October 2018, offering an opportunity to own one of the first Bajinns ever made and be part of musical history in the making. 

The Bajinn is the perfect musical instrument for mindfulness, yoga, meditation, therapy and recreation. It has a very clear & precise sound quality with a long decay of 50 seconds in average. The sound is created by striking the tubes with mallets.

*Please find photos and a video of every instrument below

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