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Scale : A minor

Notes : A-C-D-E-G-A

Colour : Shades of orange & gold with black bag


Tuning : 440hz

Number of holes : 4

Type : Zenflute


Dimensions : 

  • L: 5.51”
  • Widest circumference: 11.42”
  • Weight : 195g (280g with bag)


Material : Clay - Terra Sigillata

Handmade in Netherlands


What's in the box : 1 Zenflute with padded carrying pouch.

Warranty : 1 year

Delivery time : Up to 15 calender days.

Stonewhistle Zenflute - A3 minor

  • After many experiments with the traditional Chinese Xun, we developed a new intuitive instrument, based on old values and knowledge, but shaped with new insights and points of view: ergonomic, beautiful sound, but with a variety of possibilities.

    The instrument is played with a soft, long sigh, just like breathing out soft and slow. The best sound occurs when all mouth muscles are completely relaxed. When played correctly, the playing itself creates a relaxation effect as much as the sound it produces.

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