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Scale : C# minor

Suitable for : Small Hands/Medium Hands


Number of flute holes : 6

Type : Innato


Delivery time : Waiting period of 8 - 12 weeks.

Once the payment is received, your order will be in the queue to be made and you will be notified when the instrument is ready. 


Left back chamber - G#3 B3 C#4 D#4

Right back chamber - C#4 E4 F#4 G#4

Front chamber - G#4 B4 C#5 D#5


Dimensions : 

  • L : 5.51"
  • W : 7.09" 
  • H : 8.07"
  • Widest circumference : 18.7"
  • Weight: 


Material : Clay - Terra Sigillata

Handmade in Netherlands


What's in the box : 1 Innato with padded carrying pouch.

Warranty : 1 year

Stonewhistle Innato - C# minor

  • This harmonic three-chambered instrument can be played purely for a personal experience or for another person.

    It can be played by hand, on a second person’s head for an extra 3-dimensional experience or in any number of comfortable ways.

    The word “Innato” means inborn, unlearned. it’s inside all of us. This instrument connects sonically to our pure innateness and is playable by anyone with hands and ears. In just a few minutes it gives an experience that shifts or opens your perception of the moment.

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