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Bajinn - Full Bundle

Scale: C major

Dimensions : 

  • L : 70cm
  • W : 64cm
  • H : 19cm

Weight : 6kg

Material : Textile, alluminium,brass,plastic string, bamboo, wood and silicon

Colour : Silver & wood finish

Handmade in Israel

What's in the box: 1 Bajinn, regular bag, 1 pair of mallets, tube stand

Warranty : 1 year

Bajinn - Full Bundle

  • It is a beautiful combination between an acoustic shell crafted from bamboo and aluminium tubes suspended in the air by strings. It fuses indigenous inspiration and approach with contemporary craftsmanship, which is a rare find these days. Bajinn has a variety of scales to choose from and can be easily changed by any player.

    Bajinn has a very clear and precise sound quality with a long decay time of 50 seconds on average. The sound is created by striking the tubes with mallets. The unique sound quality of Bajinn has an effect, generated by "hanging" each tube in a specific calculated point called a nodal point. It is a point along a standing wave where it has minimum amplitude. This allows the sound to vibrate in its maximal potential.

    Looking for another scale and more notes?
    Customise to the scale or notes of your choice, by adding single note or an entire range of scale by viewing the accessories. 

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