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Bajinn - 8 Tube Set

Dimensions of bundle : 

  • L : 55cm
  • W : 15cm
  • H : 15 cm

Weight : 1.3 kg

Material : Textile, aluminium, brass & plastic string

Colour : Black, silver & golden

Handmade in Israel

What's in the box : 1 Bajinn Tube Set

Bajinn - Tube Set

  • Different tubes = Different sounds.

    Choose any 8 notes of your choice to make/compliment along with your Bajinn. 

    Each scale gives a different feel to your music, meditation, yoga sessions or any use.
    It's really up to you!
    If you're not sure about which scale or key you'd like, you can also ask us to choose for you and REALLY make this interesting!

    And for every 8 notes you purchase, you will receive a unique portable case free with it.

    We will get in touch with you once we receive your order, asking which 8 notes you would like. 

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