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What do you need to play the RAV Vast?

You can start playing right away with no training or musical background required! Take your seat, place the RAV Vast in your lap, and start tapping the notes. No matter which progression you choose, you'll instantly get a perfect melody.

How can I use the RAV drum?

Make playing the RAV Vast your new relaxing and exciting hobby. Learn to become a professional musician with no musical background. Compose incredible music with the RAV Vast if you are already a pro. Accompany your sound-healing, yoga or meditation session. Take the RAV Vast anywhere you travel to have an amazing journey!

Is the RAV Vast suitable for you?

Would you like to create some beautiful music? Then the RAV Vast will work for you. You can acquire it easily even if you never played any instrument before. The RAV Vast can be played by total newbies, to someone who is a  professional musician.


How do I take care of my RAV?

Wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the instrument. Then take a small amount of Phoenix Handpan Oil (Product Link) and cover the entire surface and wipe it down with another microfiber cloth. The oil treatment will protect your instrument from rust and leave a shiny finish on it. After using Phoenix Handpan Oil your instrument will sound clear without any alteration.

Be careful with unknown oils and lubricants as some of them can harm the protective coating on the instrument.

We recommend you wipe your instrument after every play and apply Phoenix Handpan Oil after every 2 weeks. 


How to choose the best RAV drum for me?

It all comes down to which sound you like the most. We suggest you watch these videos and if you still need help, contact us. We’ll gladly help you!


How long will I have to wait for my RAV Vast after making the payment?

We have some tunings available for immediate shipping. Other ones will take upto 6 weeks after the payment

Need more help?

Get in touch with us at

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