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Scale : G4 minor

Notes : G4 Bb4 C5 D5 F5 G5 A5 Bb5


Number of holes : 7

Type : Natey


Delivery time : Waiting period of 8 - 12 weeks

(due to high demand and also each one is specifically handcrafted for you)


Once the payment is received, your order will be in the queue to be made and you will be notified when the instrument is ready. 


Dimensions : 

  • L : 6.3"
  • Widest circumference : 6.5"
  • Weight : 100g (150g with bag)


Material : Clay - Terra Sigillata

Handmade in Netherlands


What's in the box : 1 Natey with padded carrying pouch.

Warranty : 1 year

Stonewhistle Natey - G4 minor

  • The Natey is a clay flute with the tuning and fingering of a Native American Flute, but with the compact size of an ocarina.

    Because the Natey is a vessel flute, it sounds one octave lower than an open flute.

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