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Scale : F#3 minor

Notes : F#3 A3 B4 C#4 E4 F#4


Number of holes : 10

Type : Double Flute Native


Delivery time : Waiting period of 8 - 12 weeks 

(due to high demand and also each one is specifically handcrafted for you)


Once the payment is received, your order will be in the queue to be made and you will be notified when the instrument is ready. 


Dimensions : 

  • L: 9.84”
  • Widest circumference: 15.75”
  • Weight : 


Material : Clay - Terra Sigillata

Handmade in Netherlands


What's in the box : 1 Double Flute with padded carrying pouch.

Warranty : 1 year

Stonewhistle Double Flute - F#3 minor

  • The Double flute has a special place in our collection. The chambers are tuned slightly apart, allowing the sound to be experienced from an unknown, mesmerizing place. 

    The Double flute can be played in a number of ways: 
    1. One way is to play the same melody with both hands (unisolo).
    2. Another way is to play a drone on one side and a melody on the other side.
    3. It is even possible to play two different melodies at the same time. 

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