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Number of notes : 17

Scale : D6,B5,G5,E5,C5, A4,F4,D4,C4,E4, G4,B4,D5,F5,A5, C6,E6

Dimensions : 

  • L:6.29”
  • W: 5.70”
  • H: 1.96”

Weight : 535g

Material : Cherry wood, special steel & copper bar

Handmade in China

What's in the box: 1 Magadi Kalimba M17E

Warranty : 1 year

Magadi M17E

₹10,000.00 Regular Price
₹7,800.00Sale Price
  • A electro-acoustic 17 note solid wood kalimba with perfect shape and easy to play. Just like your guitar, plug in the kalimba into a speaker and experience the kalimba with an amplified sound. No more hassle of connecting a microphone or the gush of wind affecting the sound captured by the microphone.

    Made from solid wood and offering you 17 notes to play with. The design of the kalimba offers you great resonance (long sound duration) while playing.

    The design of this model enhances and provides long sustain (sound duration) to the instrument even when played acoustically.

    Want a acoustic model with same number of notes? Check out M17

    Please note that the kalimba is made from natural wood, therefore the texture on the instrument may differ from the image shown.

    Want a different scale? Add a tuning hammer to your cart and tune the Kalimba in the scale of your choice.

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