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Size : Medium

Type : Semi-hard case for Handpan

Utility : Plane - Overhead (International & Low Cost Flights) /Train & Bus / Car/ Daily use /Festivals /Music Tours 

Dimensions (with full air inside) : 

  • Diameter : 61cm
  • Height : 34cm 

Weight : 1.5kg (with full air inside)

Material : Polyester & Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Colour : AJP Grey/Black/Woodbine/Roan Rouge/Stone Wash

Crafted in Italy

What's in the box: 1 Hardcase Technologies Airtek Medium with Evarim system and connectors. 

Warranty : 1 year

HCT - Airtek

  • The ultimate Handpan Air Bag. Think beyond your imagination. Inflatable Handpan Bag – Use the air when needed. Compact and 100% foldable with a self-inflating system.

    Carry the Air around the Globe and forget normal handpan Soft Bags. It is lighter than softbag & strong like a semi-hardcase bag.

    5 colours available. 

    (50% AIR INSIDE) Outer Size : Diameter 58 CM x Height: 30 cm

    (100% AIR INSIDE) Outer Size : Diameter 61 CM x Height: 34 cm

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