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Phoenix Handpan Oil FAQ's

What is Phoenix Handpan Oil?

Phoenix Handpan Oil is the first product line created specifically for handpan and other metal musical instruments. The handpan oil has been formulated to provide corrosion resistance. Its formula has been carefully engineered to prevent rust and to protect your instrument.


How do I apply Phoenix Handpan Oil on my instrument?
Clean your instrument (If necessary use alcohol).
Put some drops of Phoenix Handpan Oil on each note and overall. Then buff with a dry microfiber cloth across the instrument. Leave the instrument for some minutes before you start playing. If you accidently poured excess oil, remove it with a dry microfiber cloth. Phoenix Handpan Oil is not sticky and can be removed easily from your instrument and from the cloth used to clean and it doesn’t leave residue on the instrument.

How often should I use Phoenix Handpan Oil?
The usage of Phoenix handpan oil depends on the weather conditions your instruments are in and how often you play. Usually it is enough to clean and put some drops of oil all over the instrument once every fortnight, but if the meteorological conditions are not great (very humid for example) it is better to treat your instrument every week.

Do I need to remove any previous product before I start using Phoenix handpan Oil?

Yes. It is always better to remove any other oil from the instrument surface. Phoenix oil doesn’t interact with other substances but you could notice a sound alteration due to the previous product on your instrument.


What are natural ingredients inside the formula?

Without revealing our proprietary information, we have carefully measured the effectiveness of our product on handpan, hang, rav drums and other musical instruments. Thanks to the presence of natural ingredients and essential oil with antibacterial effect, it helps to create a protective barrier on the surface without leaving residue and giving a shiny finish. 99,5% of raw natural ingredients.


What are the correct environmental conditions for doing maintenance?

A closed/protected space. Most cleaning and lubricating products should be used at ‘room temperature’ for best results.


Do I need to use a gentle solvent first?

For best results, yes. The solvent is a degreaser and a bore cleaner. Dirty or excess lube cannot be removed by adding more lube. Lube should only be applied to a clean,  dry and residue-free surface.


Is Phoenix handpan oil effective for warm and humid conditions?
Hot weather and humidity are probably the greatest danger to metal instruments. In these conditions, our suggestion is to often clean your instruments and put Phoenix handpan oil on it to protect them from rust and from temperature differences


Is Phoenix Handpan Oil safe for my skin?
Phoenix Handpan Oil is dermatologically tested, skin safe, non hazardous and made with 99,5% of raw vegetable materials. 


Does Phoenix handpan oil contain acidic substances or lemon?

Phoenix Handpan Oil doesn’t contain aggressive or acidic substances. The pleasant scent of lemongrass is the natural smell of some ingredients in our secret formula.

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