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Hardcase Technologies (HCT)

Is it possible to exchange an old product with a new one or to buy old HCT? 

No, we are not able to realise exchanges or to purchase an old product and give you a new one at the moment. 


I saw your crash tests, are they real? Why are they so violent? 

Yes, they are absolutely real and have been realized using excellent instruments which are 100% verified. Only this way we can evaluate the level of protection of our bags.


Are Hardcase Technologies bags made up of harmful substances? 

Each batch is verified to avoid the use of banned substances in CEE and USA. Production and quality control are always verified to avoid every kind of problem. Allergic reactions may occur in case of hypersensitivity to plastic materials, glues, PO foam and polyester fabrics. In case of allergic reactions contact your doctor, describing the composition of the product you purchased. HcT is not responsible for problems arising from allergic reactions. Find out about allergies and materials we use before purchasing our products.


I am a handpan maker and I would like to work together with HCT, is it possible? 

Sure. You only need to initiate a Ticket HERE describing who you are and your requirements. We will get in contact with you at the earliest.

Have any more query?

Feel free to get in touch with us at

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