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Blue Star Flute FAQ's

What size of the flute is right for me?

  • 16”- 20” suitable for small hands

  • 21”- 27” suitable for medium hands

  • 27” and above suitable for large hands


How does size matter in helping me choose the right flute?

As the size of the flute increases, the spacing between the holes also increases. Therefore, it's important to consider the size of the flute while choosing the right one for you. 


What's so unique about Blue Star flutes?

Blue has been handcrafting each flute for over 30 years now. Right from the moment of choosing the right wood, to crafting it. Some of the very unique things he does is, maintains the shape of the tree branch (you can see the curves on the surface of the flute) and combines two different woods to craft a flute (since most of the flutes are made with one single wood).


Can I choose the colour of bag with my flute?
Each bag is handmade with love by a grandmother who resides near Blue’s place. It totally depends on her as to the kind of bag she stitches at that point in time. 


What is the difference between the Native American Flute & a Bansuri/ Indian flute?

The bansuri/Indian flute is played at a position parallel to the floor. The native american flute is positioned perpendicular to the floor. It is very simple to reproduce the sound from the Native American Flute, as you just need to gently blow in it. 


What is the range the Native American Flutes have?

The Native American Flutes usually have a range of an octave. You may find many which offer a few more additional notes. It depends on the makers on how they craft the instrument. 

What are drone flutes? 

The uniqueness of Native American Flutes is that they are also designed with double barrels. That is, instead of one resonance tube, they have two. One of the resonance tubes played the root note and the other tube plays just like the normal Native American Flute. This gives you the possibility to generate a sound of two flutes playing at the same time. 

How do I take care of my Native American Flute?
Keep your flute away from direct sunlight and water. A few drops of water will not harm your instrument. Avoid storing the instrument in a damp environment. Use a dry microfibre cloth periodically to wipe the instrument from dirt/dust and keep a moisture absorber pouch in your Native American Flute bag to protect it.


Need more help?

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