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Scale : G Humayun

Number of notes : 9

Notes : G2 G#2 B2 C3 D3 E3 F3 G#3 A3

Dimensions : 

  • D - 20’'
  • H - 7''

Weight : 5.9kg

Material : Steel

Colour : Blue & Golden

Handmade in Russia

What's in the box: 1 RAV Vast along with the accessories you choose

Warranty : 2 years

Delivery time : Up to45 days as each instrument will be specially handcrafted for you. 

RAV Vast - G Humayun

  • The sound of the Humayun RAV Vast has a sweet and exotic taste like fruit sherbet that you drink in the late warm evening somewhere in the Middle-East. This scale refers to the music tradition of Azerbaijan mughams and has a high-pitched sonorous voice. After the long and accurate review of many mugam modes, we picked up Humayun to create another RAV steel tongue drum scale. 

    The word “humayun” means a bird of paradise in Turkish mythology and is translated as good fortune and luck. This scale is great for creating tender and lyric melodies. 

    Although Humayun is closer to major modes, it was designed to compose lyric melodies. RAV Vast tried to recreate this mood in the Humayun RAV Vast. Thus, you play a tongue drum with a major feeling and lo and behold the elegiac songs are composed. That’s what makes this scale so different from other RAV steel tongue drums available.

    Due to the fact this scale is very different from western scales we are mainly used to, it can be a little tricky to deal with at the beginning. That’s why we recommend it for buying for those who have already gained some experience in playing the percussions like handpan and tongue drum or those who have some solid music background.

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