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Material : Fabric

Colour : White/Yellow/Purple

Size :Ideal for RAV Pan

What's in the box : 1 RAV Pan Rope Braid with a storage pouch

Handmade in Russia


Please note : This product can only be ordered with your RAV Pan and will be delivered together with it. 

RAV Pan Rope Braid

  • The RAV Pan Rope Braid will be the perfect finishing touch for your RAV Pan! It provides safe protection for the shining brass rim and gives an authentic look for your drum. The rope braid makes it easier to take hold of the RAV Pan (as the edge can be a little slippery) and gives a more comfortable touch (without the metallic cold) of your RAV Pan without affecting the sound. The rope braid will also keep the brass rim bright and reckless with no fingertips on it.

    How to use : 
    The rope braid is tight enough, and yet is easily removable if you want to change, wash the rope, or take it off before putting your handpan into the case. The rope braid is solid so start from any place of the RAV Pan’s rim by hook it up and pull the rope perimeter-wise. The braid will be stuck in place easily and safely. If you'd like to take the rope off, simply pry it up from one side and pull off gently.

    Please note : These prices are applicable only when purchase with RAV Vast. If you would like to place an order for just this product, contact us here.

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