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Material : Wood

Colour : Wood Finish

Size :Ideal for RAV Pan

What's in the box : 1 RAV Pan Fist with a storage pouch

Handmade in Russia


Please note : This product can only be ordered with your RAV Pan and will be delivered together with it. 

RAV Pan Fist

  • PAN Fist is a music tool that helps play the steel drums like RAV PAN and other handpans with bottom notes. RAV Fist's are compatible with any handpans of 2-12mm rim thickness. You can attach as many Fists as the number of bottom notes there are on your handpan. RAV Fists are sold as a set of 2 items and a carrying bag.

    RAV Pan Fist is a hand-pedal designed to play the RAV Pan or any other handpan with bottom notes. It’s an ultimate RAV Vast key gadget for playing the handpans.

    While your fingers can fly above the top dimples, you can still experience some difficulties with the bottom notes, especially if you prefer a faster playing music style. The RAV Pan Key was designed for the handpan drums with the dimples on the Gu side.

    The slightest touch of the RAV Pan Fist is just enough to produce a sonorous sound. You can attach as many RAV Fist as you need depending on the number of bottom dimples. At the same time, the RAV Pan Fist doesn't get in the way of your hands and won't bother you while playing the top notes. This ultimate music tool will work for both professionals and beginners.

    Please note : These prices are applicable only when purchase with RAV Vast. If you would like to place an order for just this product, contact us here.

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