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Scale : D Hijaz

Number of notes : 9

Notes : D3 A3 C4 D4 D#4 F#4 G4 A4 C5

Dimensions : 

  • Diameter - 22.83"
  • Height - 11.02”

Weight : 4.8kg

Material : Nitrided Steel

Colour : Dark bronze

Handmade in Russia

What's in the box: 1 RAV Pan and RAV Pan Hard Case along with the accessories you choose

Warranty : 2 years

Delivery time : Up to45 days as each instrument will be specially handcrafted for you. 

RAV Pan - D Hijaz

  • The D Hijaz RAV Pan is the recreation of the traditional Arabian maqam in the RAV’s version. It’s an unusual and very unique scale in the RAV Pan’s family. Unlike many of the other RAV drums that are based on classic Greek or European scales, this arrangement of notes has its origin in a Middle-Eastern maqam.

    Made of high-quality steel, this RAV handpan has a dark bronze color with shining golden dimples.

    To enhance the sound of the instrument, we've added the Heartbeats air diffuser. When staying in the opened positions, the Heartbeats redirects the sound waves and makes the sound of the drum stronger and deeper. It also stabilizes the frequencies to provide a cleaner sound. Always make sure you open the Heartbeats before you start playing and pull it back to a closed position when storing or transporting the RAV Pan.

    This RAV Pan is definitely the one for sophisticated players who are looking for a very specific handpans for sale. This scale is on a high trend. Once being introduced in the handpan world, the Hijaz scale has become popular with both melodic and percussive players. This is a high-quality professional handpan for a good price that can become a real pearl in your handpan collection, especially if you've been looking to buy something specific and unusual.

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