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Scale : B celtic minor

Number of notes : 9

Notes : B2 F#3 A3 B3 C#4 D4 E4 F#4 A4

Dimensions : 

  • Diameter - 22.83"
  • Height - 11.02”

Weight : 4.8kg

Material : Nitrided Steel

Colour : Dark bronze

Handmade in Russia

What's in the box: 1 RAV Pan and RAV Pan Hard Case along with the accessories you choose

Warranty : 2 years

Delivery time : Up to 45 days as each instrument will be specially handcrafted for you. 

RAV Pan - B celtic minor

  • The B Celtic Minor is the handpan with the lowest sound in the whole RAV Pan collection. This instrument is perfect for those who are looking for the serene, tranquil, and melodious sound handpans are famous for.

    This is a handpan version of the B Celtic Minor RAV Vast and is tuned in the Celtic mode which is one of the most frequently played steel pan drum scales available.

    This RAV Pan has a medium sustain and will be perfect to train a fast playing style. For this reason, it’s also really suitable for pairing with other instruments because the handpan will not overwhelm whatever else you are playing with.

    The Heartbeats stacked on the bottom side of this RAV Pan limits the air opening affecting the Helmholtz resonance. It stabilizes the sound frequencies and makes the sound cleaner and stronger. It also provides you with an option to create a bassy noise when using some percussive elements. The Heartbeats lowers the sound of the Ding from B2 to B1. The Heartbeats is removable, however, we recommend to keep it in place and only change the position. 

    Intermediate players – this scale is for you! This isn't the most complicated scale of all the RAV drums but it still requires having a handpan/percussions experience or music theory background to get it all from this drum and provides a great toolkit for songwriting.

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